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{{ s.description }} {{ !s.expandable ? '' : s.expanded ? '(hide)' : '(show)' }} ${{(s.amount/100).toFixed(2)}}
{{human_date(t.start_date)}} - {{human_date(t.end_date)}}
{{t.description}} ${{(t.amount/100).toFixed(2)}} ${{(t.amount/100).toFixed(2)}}

Charge card ${{(data.billingSummary.balance.amount/100).toFixed(2)}} now

Refund card ${{(data.billingSummary.balance.amount/100).toFixed(2)}} now

Admin Payment Log

{{,10)}} x{{a.last4}} {{a.action}} {{(a.amount/100).toFixed(2)}}

Special Pricing

Plan Expire Date Amount Reason Who
No active special pricing
{{planLookup(p.plan).name}} {{human_datetime(p.expire_date)}} ${{(p.amount/100).toFixed(2)}} {{p.reason}} {{p.who}}

Account Information

{{data.profile.first_name}} {{data.profile.last_name}}
{{}}, {{data.profile.state}} {{}}

Payment Method

Update my credit card

Plan Summary

{{p.count}} {{p.planName}} ${{(p.mrc/100*p.billing_period).toFixed(2)}}/{{p.billing_period == 12 ? 'yr' : 'mo'}} ${{(}}
*Taxes and fees are subject to change. Does not include usage-based charges.

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